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The ifoldstand is currently supplied flat in euro-hooked poly bags and requires a one time assembly.

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As mobile phones overtake PC's for internet searches and content viewing, the need for people to watch and view information for prolonged periods on their phones increases.

Mobile phone stands, which are portable and fold away in your pocket, wallet or purse are convenient for travelling and ensuring you can watch content comfortably, hand-free whereever you are, at home, work or travelling.

For retailers, the ifoldstand provides a premium product in three colours that enables users to support their phones in landscape and portrait modes. ifold is a universal stand, which supports most android smartphones as well as the iPhone range providing an extended mobile accessory user opportunity to millions of people.

The product comes packed for POS with clear branding and graphics to attract the consumer and clearly demonstrates what the product does.

Products are packed in cello bags with euro hooks and full colour packaging, which includes EAN13 bar codes for stock control across the colour options.

ifold products can also be licensed and own branded on volume orders if required. Please contact us for more details.

How do consumers refer to portable mobile phone stands?

The portable mobile phone stand is relevant, new and ready to provide a useful service to the millions of expected smartphone users as they move to smart phone products, technology and contracts leaving their outdated phones behind. With an ever increasing level of viewable media now available to watch on your mobile, the need to support the phone in landscape and portrait mode increases and consumers are therefore increasingly searching for these products under the following terms.

In the UK the mobile phone stand is referred to as a phone stand, mobile stand, mobile phone stand, mobile desk stand or mobile night stand.

The US refer to the product as a cell stand, cell phone stand, cell phone desk stand or cell phone night stand.